Risultati per la data: 18 lug, 2015

KRAKAUER – 18.07.2015

Teatro dei Rozzi ore 21.30 DAVID KRAKAUER clarinetto klezmer ORCHESTRA DELLA…


Il club degli ’80

di Carla Monni

Tonight, at Teatro dei Rozzi, it will be held the 8th concert of #theclassicalunexpected, in commemoration of the Count Guido Chigi Saracini, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his death.The title, Quei Favolosi ’80, stresses the great change that music and the fine arts in general underwent during the 20th century. A fascinating change, fostered by all the artists born in the 80s. Continua


Raccontare la libertà attraverso la musica: “El Cimarrón” di Heze

di Antonella Varvara

 It could seem paradoxical using the word “concerto” talking about a theater work but in the case of Henze’s El Cimarrón it is correct. The voice of the singer becomes an instrument that cooperates with the others in order to give a sense to this tragic history. Continua


#ilclassicoinatteso day seven

«Back then, in the days of slavery, often I stood looking into the sky».

A storify about Hans Werner Henze El Cimarrón Continua